Building Ezee CV

"That's Eeeasy"

How Ezee Hire works 


The Ezee Portal is the newest and safest way for Job Seekers to find jobs. Ezee gives businesses a tool to help them filter and find staff for their vacancies in as little as a few minutes! Employers sometimes have more CVs to read through than they have time to respond to and more often than not, many of the applications do not meet the requirements of the position. Ezee employers can simply swipe through applications and find their team without having to use folders to track candidates, clogging up email inboxes and the list of benefits goes on.  

"Everyone deserves a chance to find their dream job".  


1. Create an Ezee Profile and enter your CV information. 

Click Find a Job or Find Staff on the home page and scroll down to click register. Check your email for the confirmation link. 

2. Apply for an Ezee Tick. 

Contact one of our agents to access more features which can help you find that dream job even faster. 


3. Looking for Staff?

Click Find Staff on the home page and follow the simple steps to find your dream team.